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We love sports and gaming, especially football and esports. With our passion and 15 years of experience in web development, SEO, and online marketing, we simply create good stuff.

Purpose, value and quality

We got good stuff

We create websites that has clear purposes, that bring real user values and quality content that is fact-correct.

This is something that we believe is important for your brand.

Win-win partnerships

Your value is important

We don’t demand huge ”up-front” models. We value long term partnerships with win-win models that bring value to both parts.

Successful partnership and a great relationship is our priority.

Creative exposure

Not just top lists

Yeah sure, SEO-pages and top lists are great, but we strive to deliver more, both for you and our users.

We walk the extra mile to find more ways to bring value.

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These are our high quality products that gives great value for our users and the best kind of exposure for you. It’s simply, good stuff.

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Swedish market
50-60k visits / month
75% mobile traffic

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English global
1-3k visits / month
No specific market targeted

Swedish market
5-6k visits / month
With casino and poker

Brazil – NEW!
comprehensive betting site reviews and guides.

and more…

utlandskaspebolag.com ikon


Wanna know more? Send us an email and we will provide more information and stats.

Great partnership


We obviously focus on bringing traffic to our sites and to convert them into customers for our partners.
But for us, great partnership in affiliation is about more than that.

We work a lot with conversion, even on the operator side. We analyse, do lots of research and constantly give our partners feedback and ideas.
For us, great partnership is simply about sharing and helping, at the same time as we strive for mutual profits.

Lets get this out of the way


No unlicensed brands in Sweden

We don’t work with any brands on the Swedish market that doesn’t have an approved license by the Swedish gambling authority – Spelinspektionen.


No email marketing

We do not work with any kind of email marketing, and we will not in the near future.


No dodgy paid traffic

We do not work with any kind of dodgy paid marketing through search engines, social media or other channels. We are 100% search-term-focused and we do everything we can to be compliant in every kind of aspect.

Lets have a chat and see what we can do together, with affiliation, advertisement or traffic/SEO values.

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